miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

Milano or/and Shanghai 2010 ??

IED Madrid es SOCIO INSTITUCIONAL del Pabellón de Madrid en la EXPO UNIVERSAL SHANGHAI 2010

Would we finally go, well our transversal area thing( ok..if you are not from Ied don´try to get it, it might be confusing.. haha) xD

Many of you must be wondering what it is.

Our design school was chosen to represent the city of Madrid in Salone di Mobile Milan and the  universal exhibition Shanghai 2010

We are working on groups, all the different design school and especialities of Ied: fashion, comunication, industrial, graphic, digital, textile, creative direction

I will post some of the videos that my group made.. but now time to finish the pattern design homework I have...

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3 comentarios:

Dirty Hair Halo dijo...

Sounds like a fun project.

btw, I love those snow pictures you took.


AVY dijo...

Sounds like fun yes.

Aurora dijo...

sounds great.